Navigating the Pandemic – Lending Business Perspectives

January 14, 2022by

NBFCs have been strongly impacted by the pandemic of 2020-21 and...

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Digital revolution and what it means to the MSMEs

July 29, 2021by

Just over four years ago in November 2016, the Prime Minister...

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Micro-Finance as a Change Agent

August 20, 2019by

Small collateral free loans offered to women borrowers in rural and...

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The changing automobile industry – Lessons for SMEs

August 12, 2019by

Climate change and pollution have taken the centre stage in policy...

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How Technology is helping to shorten time to sanction and disburse loans to SMEs

July 23, 2019by

Being a new age NBFC, Profectus Capital’s operations are driven by...

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How to choose the right finance partner?

May 2, 2019by

Often, we hear our friends say, “I just took the loan...

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What background work to do before you seek finance?

July 25, 2018by

Over the past ten years I have interacted with thousands of...

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SMEs – Borrowing responsibly

July 22, 2018by

Raising loans to finance one’s business is a very critical function...

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