Interest Rate and Schedule of Charges

Name of Charges Amt or Percentage Terms
Profectus Prime Lending Rate (PPLR) The Board approved prime lending rate for Profectus Capital Private Limited is 15.85% with effect from July 1, 2023.The rate of interest for all the loans offered by PCPL will be PPLR +/- spread. Profectus Capital follows Risk Based Pricing approach that entails pricing each loan after weighing-in all risks and their corresponding mitigants.
Stamp duty Actuals
Technical Valuation Charges (to be collected upfront) Actuals
Legal search charges (to be collected upfront) Actuals
Cheque / NACH Bounce Charges Rs. 1050
Additional Interest on delayed payment on unpaid amount 15% per annum on unpaid amount.
Specifically : 24% for Supply Chain Finance Product and 36% for Merchant Cash Advance Product
Cheque Swapping Charges Rs 750 per swap (Incl of Tax)
Prepayment Charges For SFP & MEF. For EML (Loan sanction up to 23rd November 2021.) i) 5% within 12 months of disbursement, ii) 4% 13 to 24 months of disbursement, iii) 3% 25 to 36 months of disbursement, iv) 2% > 36 months of disbursement (Exclusive of GST).
For EML (Loan sanction from 24th November 2021) Pre-Closure Charges shall be as under: i) 5% if Loan is pre-closed within 12 months of disbursement. ii) 4% if Loan is pre-closed between 13 - 24 months since disbursement. iii) 3% if Loan is pre-closed between 25 - 36 months since disbursement. iv) 2% if Loan is pre-closed after more than 36 months since disbursement.
(Exclusive of GST). For Machinery funding under SME Super product 5% Flat FC charges for entire loan tenure.
Part Prepayment Upto 25% of current POS : 2% (Excl of Tax)
Loan cancellation charges Rs 2000 (Incl of Tax)
Certified Loan Statement (per loan) Rs 500 (Incl of Tax)
Duplicate NDC / NOC Issuance charges Rs 500 (Incl of Tax)
Legal / Collection/ Repossession & Incidental charges Actuals
Copy of Loan Documents Rs 500 (Incl of Tax)
FC Statement Issuance Charges Rs. 500 (plus GST)

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