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Interest Rate and Schedule of Charges

Name of Charges` Amt or Percentage Terms
Profectus Prime Lending Rate (PPLR) The Board approved prime lending rate for Profectus Capital Private Limited is 14.50% with effect from May 3, 2018.The rate of interest for all the loans offered by PCPL will be PPLR +/- spread. Profectus Capital follows Risk Based Pricing approach that entails pricing each loan after weighing-in all risks and their corresponding mitigants.

Stamp duty


Technical Valuation Charges (to be collected upfront)


Legal search charges (to be collected upfront)


Cheque / NACH Bounce Charges

Rs. 1050 (Incl of Tax)

Additional Interest on delayed payment on unpaid amount

15% per annum on unpaid amount.
Specifically : 24% for Supply Chain Finance Product and 36% for Merchant Cash Advance Product

Cheque Swapping Charges

Rs 750 per swap (Incl of Tax)

Prepayment Charges

i) 5% within 12 months of disbursement, ii) 4% 13 to 24 months of disbursement, iii) 3% 25 to 36 months of disbursement, iv) 2% > 36 months of disbursement
(Exclusive of GST). For Machinery funding under SME Super product 5% Flat FC charges for entire loan tenure.

Part Prepayment

Upto 25% of current POS : 2% (Excl of Tax)

Loan cancellation charges

Rs 2000 (Incl of Tax)

Certified Loan Statement (per loan)

Rs 500 (Incl of Tax)

Duplicate NDC / NOC Issuance charges

Rs 500 (Incl of Tax)

Legal / Collection/ Repossession & Incidental charges


Copy of Loan Documents

Rs 500 (Incl of Tax)

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