Terms and Conditions


  • Receipt of application form for the loan does not imply automatic approval of your loan by Profectus Capital Pvt. Ltd.
  • Profectus Capital Pvt. Ltd. may request for additional documents other than those collected in connection with the application and all post dated cheques are to be issued favoring “Profectus Capital Pvt. Ltd.” Only.
  • The interest on the loan will begin to accrue in favour of PCPL on and from the date of pay order disbursing the loan.
  • Fees collected for Processing and other expenses are not refundable under any circumstances.
  • Profectus Capital Pvt. Ltd shall revert maximum within 21 days from the receipt of all documents and resolution of queries.
  • Funds disbursed in favour of manufacturer/dealer/vendor for equipment can under no circumstances flow to customer via refund from disbursee or in any other manner.
  • Profectus Capital follows Risk Based Pricing approach that entails pricing each loan after weighing-in all risks and their corresponding mitigants.


Every Application processed, factors in the following standard customer declarations:

  • I/We declare that all the particulars and information and details given/filled in this Application Form are true, correct, complete and up to date in all respects and that I/We have not withheld any information whatsoever.
  • I/We confirm that no insolvency proceedings or suits for recovery of outstanding dues or monies whatsoever and/or any criminal proceedings have been initiated and/or are pending against me/us and that I/we have never been adjudicated insolvent by any court or other authority.
  • No action nor other steps have been taken or legal proceedings started by or against me/us in any court of law/other authorities for winding up, dissolution, administration or reorganization or for the appointment of a receiver, administrator, administrative receiver, trustee or similar officer or for my/our assets.
  • I/We declare and confirm that I/We have not made any payment in cash, bearer cheque or kind along with or in connection with this Application to the executive collecting my/our application I/we shall not hold Profectus Capital Pvt. Ltd. liable for any such payment made by us to the executive collecting this application.
  • I/We understand and confirm that the Application Form and all other documents submitted by me/us to PCPL shall not be returned to me/us and Profectus Capital Pvt. Ltd. shall have the right to retain the same.
  • I/We specifically authorize Profectus Capital Pvt. Ltd. and all its group/business associates companies and their agents to exchange, share or part with all the or any information for any purpose including cross selling details relating to my/our existing loans and/or repayment history to other PCPL and/or its group companies and/or its/their agents/business associates representatives liable for use/sharing of this information for any purpose including cross sale and referral
  • I/We understand and acknowledge that Profectus Capital Pvt. Ltd. shall have the absolute discretion, without assigning any reasons unless required by applicable law, to reject our application and that Profectus Capital Pvt. Ltd. shall not be responsible/liable in any manner whatsoever to me/us for such rejection or any delay in notifying me/us of such rejection and any costs, losses, damages or expenses, or other consequences, caused by reason of such rejection of our application.
  • I/We have no objection to Profectus Capital Pvt. Ltd. and/or its group companies, agents/representatives to provide me/us information on various products, offers and services provided by PCPL and /or its group companies through any mode (including without limitation through telephone calls/SMSs/emails) and authorize Profectus Capital Pvt. Ltd., its group companies, agents/representatives for the above purpose.
  • I/We confirm that I/ We shall not use the product or the credit/loan facilities (or any part thereof) for any improper, illegal or unlawful purpose/activities.
  • I/We shall inform Profectus Capital Pvt. Ltd. regarding any changes in the in my/our address(s) or my employment or profession
  • I/We hereby acknowledge and accept that Profectus Capital Pvt. Ltd. shall not be responsible or liable for the quality, condition, fitness, performance, defect, variation of the products (including the delay of delivery/non delivery of the products)
  • I/We hereby confirm that I/We am/are competent and fully authorized to give declarations, undertakings etc and to execute and submit this Application Form and all other documents for the purpose of availing the loan, creation of security and representing generally for all the purposes mentioned/required to be done for these presents.
  • I/We understand that processing fees and stamping charges collected would not be refunded.
  • I/We agree that all legal, technical and valuation charges (incase of mortgage) will be borne by me/us irrespective of the application being sanctioned/rejected.

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