Frequently Asked Questions

1.What type of Loans does Profectus Capital provide?

Profectus Capital provides secured loans for income generating purposes to SMEs in Manufacturing and Service Sectors operating in eleven identified Industry-Clusters.

The main loan products are:
• Enterprise Mortgage Loan : Property Backed Business Expansion Loans
• Machinery and Equipment Funding
• School Funding Program : K12 Schools for upgrading facilities
• Supply Chain Solutions : Anchor backed Dealer Financing, Bill Discounting  and Vendor Financing
• Merchant Cash Advances : POS based daily repayment type Business Loans

Credit assessment is cash-flow based thus addressing precise funding requirements of SMEs in identified clusters.


2. How can I apply for a loan?

You can apply for a loan :
• By requesting a call-back (click-here)
• Sending an email to
• Call our Customer Service Helpline No 022- 4919-4400 and Relationship Managers from Profectus Capital will reach out to take the process ahead.

3. What are the basic documents required to apply for loan?

The basic documents for loan application are –

The documents  in hardcopy or scans can be shared with Profectus Relationship Manager, who will assist you to fill-out a Loan Application Form. Post receipt of these documents and the completed Application Form, Relationship Manager will provide you an acknowledgment slip for your application.

4. What is the loan approval process and How soon can Profectus fund my business?

After Loan Application, Profectus team will conduct credit assessment and credit Bureau checks. In case necessary, additional information could be asked for completing the assessment.

The entire process will be swiftly completed. The turnaround times are dependent upon timely information sharing from your side and given timely sharing, loan sanction can be offered in 3 days for Equipment Funding and 7 days for Property backed Term Loans.


5. Who is a Co-Applicant? Does every loan require a Co-Applicant?

A Co-Applicant is a person who is applies along with the main applicant for a loan and can be an immediate family member with a separate identifiable income steam. Co Applicant’s income is used to supplement the applicant’s income during credit assessment for the loan and he/she is equally responsible for repayment of the loan.

Since having a co-applicant improves the chances of loan sanction given a better consolidated financial position, it is advisable to have a creditworthy Co-Applicant on the loan structure.


6. Who is a Guarantor?

A Guarantor is a person who guarantees to pay for Applicant’s debt if he or she should default on the loan obligation.


7. How much Loan amount can Profectus Offer?

Profectus Capital offers loans based on customer requirement and Free Cash Flows (repayment capacity) of customer business.
Ticket sizes range between Rs.25 lacs to Rs. 500 lacs.
Loan to Value ratios are generally in 30%-70%# bracket for Property backed loans and up to 85%# in Machinery and Equipment Funding programs.

# (LTVs are dynamic and can vary from case to case)


8. What is Loan to Value Ratio (LTV)?

Loan to Value Ratio is the quantum of loan compared to the cost of machinery or property. So, LTV of 70% would mean Loan offered will be 70% of the cost of property, the balance being contributed by customer from his own resources.


9. What will be the Interest Rate of such a loan?

Loans offered are at Profectus Prime Lending Rate (PPLR) and adjusted according to business risk of the customer. You can refer to PPLR in the Interest Rate and Schedule of Charges section of our website. Business with resilient and increasing cash-flows for over five years, stable management and strong market position, are eligible for a discount on their loan pricing.


10. How is Interest Calculated on Loans?

The Interest calculated by Reducing Balance Basis taking a standard 365-day year as base.


11. What is maximum loan tenure offered by Profectus Capital?

The loan tenure depends on identified productive end-use of the loan. In cases of machinery purchase the tenure is directly linked to machine’s normal productive life most likely 18 months onwards. In case of Property Backed Loans, the maximum tenure can be up to 120 months.


12. What are the loan documents I will need to sign and complete as part of Loan?

Profectus has created simple Loan Agreements in booklet form that will be stamped as per the prevailing State Stamp Duty Act and signed by you. Our Relationship manager will guide you in documentation. For Machinery / Equipment Funding, the original invoice will have to be deposited with Profectus Capital and in case of property, a registered mortgage will have to be created in favour of Profectus.
Along with Loan Documents, Repayment Instruments like NACH or Post-Dated Cheques and Security Cheques will also have to be submitted.


13. What are acceptable repayment modes for the loan?

The repayments are expected via Equated Monthly Instalments over the loan tenure. Monthly Repayments can be made through NACH / e-NACH registered in favour of Profectus Capital or Post-Dated cheques drawn in favour of Profectus Capital Pvt Limited.


14. How can I get my address changed in my Loan Account?

In order to change the address on Loan Account, you may write to our Customer Service cell at and submit attested copy of revised address proof along with original address proof for verification. You can also speak to our Relationship Manager on Customer Service Helpline No 022- 4919-4400 who will guide you through the process.


15. How can I obtain duplicate repayment schedule for my loan account?

In case you require a duplicate repayment schedule, you may write to our Customer Service cell at and make a request for the same. We will send you the soft copy at your registered email ID within 2 days. You may also refer to our Schedule of Charges for the applicable fee for duplicate repayment schedule.


16. How can I change the mode of repayment for my loan account?

In case you wish to change mode of repayment / bank account for your loan repayment, you may write to our Customer Service Cell at Or visit our branch and submit your request with the revised account mandate.

You can opt to repay through either NACH with revised bank-details, or through Post Dated Cheques.


17. What will be done with Post Dated Cheques, if I request to change to NACH / e-NACH mode?

The PDCs submitted earlier will be defaced and returned to you in case of repayment mode change over to NACH / e-NACH mode. All the unused Security cheques will be returned at the end of tenure only.


18. Are there any additional charges for loan repayments?

There are no additional charges for loan repayments in normal course of repayments. In case of NACH / PDC or repayment instrument bounces, Bounce Charges will be applicable. You can visit Interest Rate and Schedule of Charges section on our website to know more.


19. How can I pre-close my loan ? Are there any charges on such pre-closure?

For pre-closures, you can make a written request to your nearest branch, our relationship manager would provide you with necessary assistance. You may refer to Schedule of charges for the charges payable on pre-closure.


20. When will I get No Dues Certificate for my loan?

Once the loan is repaid in full at the end of contracted tenure or once it is pre-closed by clearing all dues in full, Profectus Capital will issue No Dues Certificate.